25 February 2005

Carnage at the Chocolate Factory

Skidded down to the Borough to see The Small Things, a wrenching little nasty by Enda Walsh, with R. Beautifully acted, the maturity of the two actors, Bernard Gallagher and Valerie Lilley, lending weight to what might, in unsteadier hands, have been merely an exercise in dystopian horror. The writing is never less than brilliant, though its brilliance would sometimes dazzle and make you turn away from the story the characters wanted to tell. Here's Lyn Gardner's review.

Our first time at The Chocolate Factory, and we were underwhelmed. To reach the theatre you traipse yourself through the busybusy restaurant, if that is you get past the wired waitress greeting you as a diner, who switches to indifferent hauteur the millisecond it's clear you've come to see, not eat. Then when you crave a good cuppa to reheat the marrow, the (very charming) bar-lady tells you you have to go get hot drinks from the restaurant...
The space is good though, and we will be back there to see Philip Ridley's Mercury Fur in the next couple of weeks.

R bumped into her agent, Micheline Steinberg, who is clearly very smart and very pleased with R right now, as well she should be, with an excellent production of The Lemon Princess running in Leeds.
Tomorrow, more Joyce reading - I'm halfway through Richard Ellmann's engrossing biography,
trying not to think about the possibility that Radio 4 might not, after all, give me the job of adapting A Portrait. R thinks I should write it for the stage anyway...

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