29 March 2005

Bloggus Interruptus

So I'd written a little post about doing the bar at Southwark on Saturday and how the show, Wilde Tales, had set off a bout of nostalgia for my first co-script, a Dorian Gray that went to Edinburgh in 1989. About meeting Nick Caldecott and Amy Rosenthal at the library last week, and Nick not having aged since playing Lord Henry. And about Rupert Wickham, Shuna Snow and Al "The Pub Landlord" Murray all being in it (AM was one of the rotating cast of butlers) . But I hit the Publish button and the piece disappeared into the cybervortex. How frustrating.

Working on the other Portrait today, the one of the artist as a young man. I have to write something about how I might adapt it. Then to the Chocolate Factory in the evening to see Pyrenees by David Greig.

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