22 March 2005

Crise de blog

A good day at the office. The reading I've been doing about the Mary cult is chiming in with the action of the play. I don't want to jinx myself but I think I'm on to something. Play has a new working title:
The Empress of Hell.

But I'm uncertain as to how much to put down here. It's a conundrum, those of you active in the blogosphere might agree, when sitting down to write a new post: how much to say? Self-editing is an odd business. With the play, do I post a full synopsis of the unfinished piece and invite comment? Do I put up a couple of scenes? What if people hate them? Best to keep completely shtum? And as regards people - whom to name? Will they feel uncomfortable? Should I use initials? Will they feel left out if I don't mention that great conversation we had? Will they care... does anyone care? Is anyone there?
A procedure I suppose is to determine to write for oneself and the people who've let you know they're reading.
Blimey, I'm sorry about this. To write about the writing is, I fear, to be heading up one's own blogosphincter. Mea culpa, and I'll desist. (I wonder if there's a recognised blogo-syndrome, Fear of the Fifteenth Post. The blog gets a nose-bleed.)

Talking of which, B and I finished watching the 3rd season of 24 last night. We're ever so slightly suffering from adrenalin comedown.

A couple of bargains: a CD of John Adams' Grand Pianola Music, and a Dover Thrift Edition of In Praise of Folly by Erasmus (£2).


Ova Girl said...

Stephen...it is a crise as you say and very hard to know how much to share...I was interested that you seemed to be blogging about your writing process,getting your work seen and so on. Paul's blog was/is admirable because it seemed utterly fearless - he constantly went out on a limb with his hopes, worries, beliefs and opinions. I think readers would be very interested in any aspect of your playwriting you felt like sharing. All up to you. But we do read. Honest. Loved your toady post and I'm also a Joyce fan (life and writings).

sbs said...

thanks, o girl. so very grateful for your intervention. knickers untwisted, i shall sally forth.

pm said...

Glad to hear knickers untwisted.

Self-consciousness is the great enemy.

I'm really enjoying reading this diary. Sally forth unfettered!