21 April 2005


The above word raged like the ebola virus over the sports media a while back, in the autumn I think. It's been contained now, thank Christ. Victorious coaches would talk misty-eyed of the bouncebackability shown yet again by the lads, while the vanquished lamented that though their lads had started the season brimful of bouncebackability, they seemed to have lost the knack of late.

Posting in the late evening, it occurs to me that for the first time in my life I may be possessed of this quality, much prized by sportsfolk. For in that I am okay about the Joyce thing.
I supposed it's helped that the Beeb people were happy to let me write what would have been the first adaptation of a seminal modernist text. Even so.

I'm also chipper because this evening my football team, Everton, beat Manchester United for the first time in ten years. Bouncebackability, you see.


Ova Girl said...

quite right sbs. well done you. (wish i could make clever comment about sporting team but am quite clueless.)

sbs said...

cheers, big ears.
hope your Beeb venture is better starred.

Rod said...

Perhaps you should change your online persona to 'Indiarubberman'. Keep bouncing.

Ova Girl said...

ah yes...the rash beeb venture... it's going ok I think but a lot of recycling at work (nothing produced obviously as that would be bad and breaking rules). And I can email it so that bought me time...

it's the life eh?