20 April 2005

So Much For That

As Cleese said in Clockwise, "It's not the despair.. it's the hope."
Just got the call from Liz to say that despite the BBC's best attempts to persuade, the Joyce estate will not sanction an adaptation of A Portrait - not even a straight one, which was, admittedly, not my favoured option. I was expecting this, but am still incredibly disappointed.

I'm not sure I know what to do to cheer myself up. But must think of something quick.


Ova Girl said...


Does this mean you can't do anything with the source material at all? Not a scrap?

So sorry sbs. That sucks the pus.

sbs said...

It certainly means I won't be doing anything with it at the BBC.

Thanks tho. Sleep well.

pm said...

Can't improve on 'Bugger'.


sbs said...

I've dared myself to write something about the old divil one fine day soon.

Tom Paulin tonight likened the narrative style in the new film Tarnation to Joyce's in A Portrait. Sounds like it might be worth a look. But then, TP's utterings are often a little askew.
I've a habitual block about going to the cinema, also. It feels more of an indulgence, somehow.
Joyce managed a picture house once, did he not... And the Irish have made a new film of Ulysses! Stephen Rea as Bloom. I just might drag my carcass to that.