14 April 2005


Yesterday was a strange one. The day before I'd spent at Mackay's, helping paint his living room. Good honest work, for a change. Was able to employ my Dad's adage - he was a decorator by trade - "it all dries white". Ie, it'll turn out okay. And it did. Music to paint by - Sugarcubes, Violent Femmes, early Beck, Pink Floyd.
So I started Wednesday a little hungover from the exertion, but fine - then came news of a friend's illness. She's going through diagnosis. We can only hope it's not as serious as it might be. And then in the library I bumped into old college friend (Dr) Tiffany Stern, who teaches at Oxford Brookes. Tiff was very kind to me when I was going through Hodgkin's Disease way back when. It was really a delightful surprise to see her. She's lost nothing. When she'd gone though, I found myself unable to shake off thoughts of illness.
More happily, I was rung up later on by Thomas de Mallet Burgess, who wanted to talk about plays. Thomas is involved with the Ideas Foundry, but is also artistic director of a well-established company in Dublin that makes theatre for young people, and he wanted to sound me out. Which was, like the man says, nice. So I'll send him a couple of scripts and a couple of ideas and we'll see.
Meantime, I've got fifty pages of Empress and I'm only a third of the way through, scene-wise (5 of 15). What's going on? I've cut it and pruned it, believe me. And it's not un-tight. Please God I don't want it to turn into an unplayable epic.


Ova Girl said...

hmmm. sounds like you have to just write it out (and ride it out) to the end sbs. very hard to start cutting and pruning too early - is it julie cameron who talks about the 'ferocious editor'? maybe it will just be an enormous first draft, lots are... and then it's back to the beginning with the sharp scissors...

keep the faith

Anonymous said...


sbs said...

thanks ova girl.
did you say you trained in midwifery?
doesn't surprise.. soothing words..
if you wanted to read a bit of the play send me a mail. i really really won't be troubled if you don't, just thought I'd offer.
who is julie cameron, btw? scuse ignorance.

Dorothy Lemoult. said...

OOh. I'd like to read a bit of the play. I myself, have on in the works. Waddaya think fellow playwright, about a cross atlantic dramaturgical exchange ? Suits your fancy ?