13 May 2005

The collective noun already seems immovably apt. A rejection of playwrights.

All I can do is mull the lessons to be drawn*. Whatever they are. One of them might be not to despair when an artistic director who doesn't know you from Adam mistakes you for someone who'd be interested in a demolishing critical review of a play that's already won you an award. I could expand on this but really, no point.

I think this getting back into the swing thing is going to be harder than I thought. Must remember to remember, only three/four months since I was dug out the pit that nearly did for me.

Brighter note, had a good chat with Gareth M at Southwark yesterday. He's up to his eyes getting his Canterbury Tales ready but still found time to ask me in to see how things are going and how he could help. Nice man.

*and finish the bloody play


Ova Girl said...

horrendous scenario sbs. next time, casually poke out his eye. don't smack yourself re your play - plenty of other people will do that for you. just keep showing up to the page - it will come, honest.

Anonymous said...

hmm - artistic directors

in whose hands nearly all the money is, (for reasons unknown) -

what is needed is a new source of production funding, where money is tied to a script, and not to a theatre

so - ideally - you submit a script, anonymously. it's read by other writers. there is some assessment system that is not tied to potential audience, or cost of production, or the name of the writer. there's perhaps an opportunity to revise and resubmit scripts that weren't quite rated high enough (and rating is always a problem, i know, but a sum of a few writer's opinions is maybe more fair than the opinion of one ad) - then money is attached to the higher-rated scripts, to be given to any organisation that produces the play, (whether a small unsubsidised company or a large producing house), on the first day of rehearsals -

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, did i miss something,what was the pit?

sbs said...

the pit was a depressive illness.
i won't go on about it here, except to say i'm very glad it's over.

sbs said...

Re: Anon's post about ad's -
you could be onto something. would be interested in other writers' thoughts. i've personally never been paid anywhere near the ITC recommended fee in ten or eleven productions, not counting the radio (who have their own peculiar rates). A writers' co-op would be an interesting experiment, if only to make the point that a lot of work goes on beyond the say-so of ad's and other commissioners.