03 May 2005

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Drama

Kneehigh's Tristan and Iseult last night. I know, it's got to stop. Wasn't I writing a play?
What can I say, but that the last time I was so trainwrecked after a show was Angels In America thirteen years ago. Weird thing is, I was sitting in exactly the same place in the same theatre, give or take a couple of seats.

Sent stuff to an agent today. One who's "interested". We'll see.

Meanwhile we have no income and I'm at that point with the play when I have to decide how many stops to pull out. There are already miracles, bombs, and more violent acts than in all my other things put together. Also the Virgin Mary swearing. What do I think I'm doing?

Gone back to the old title, The May Queen.


Ova Girl said...

an agent? excellent work sbs... for what it's worth I say...go big. Cut later.

swearing? really? what like...jesus fucking christ...that sort of swearing?

sbs said...

Going big is the right thing, yes, even if the first draft is 200 pages... gulp. Really glad of your encouragement. Thanks.

As for the swearing, the BVM has taken mortal form to influence the action, she's blending in. so she swears. but no blaspheming (yet). when she speaks to camera as it were, she's in a high style.

brilliantly well done on meeting that deadline, btw. no mean feat!

Ova Girl said...

200 pages is definitely "going big". I guess that explains the tristan (and memories of Angels In America)...and now that I think about it wasn't there a huge spectacle at Easter (in the church yes but you were drawing parallels I seem to recall). You seem to be drawn to the epic. Excellent. And very anti the present mood for the 90 minute play...you rebel.

re deadline - I have to say if I hadn't bagged on about it on the blog i probably wouldn't have kept going. thanks for the support comrade.

sbs said...

it's only 67 pages as yet!... (but gimme a couple of weeks, and who knows.)
Incidentally, if you haven't seen the reviews, the Tristan is as far from the Wagner as you could get, tho it's the same story. Epic, yes, but with crooners, balloons, acrobatics and cross-dressing. they use the explosive end of the opera, though, for the death scene. shameless and marvellous.

Anonymous said...

hey, tristan and iseult..

mostly gorgeous in an art-film images and sumptuous music kind of way - and beautifully written - and something of a cream cake -

but that five minute scene at the start of the second act blew me away -

sbs said...

please to remind me, anon, what was happening in those minutes?

Anonymous said...

the servant takes yseult's place

sbs said...

oh yes, wasn't he extraordinary? and the writing was so subtle and strong there. thanks for reminding me. i have a sieve-like one sometimes.

Dorothy said...

Ha. Well captured. I can relate. Especially ... the ... uh wasn't I writing a play ?