06 May 2005

There is an exquisite piece of writing just now at Ova Girl's site. So now that's three of my favourite poetic writers from Oz - Les Murray, Matt Cameron, OG.

Off soon to collect Mum from Euston - she's on her way down from Cumbria.

Mose Allison was a real treat for me. The man's 77 or something and looks like Granpa Simpson, but my god is he ever a musician, and such attitude. He's on Jools Holland on 20th May. Wry, perfectly wrought songs. Stand-outs - one where a jealous lover says, "You call that jogging, I call it runnin' around"; one with the stoical "I don't worry 'bout nothin', cos' nothin' ever turns out right"; his manifesto, "White Boy Stole The Blues".
But the music! With Roy Babbington (double bass) and Paul Clarvis (drums). I was in awe of them too. When the trio let rip, it was transplendent. Sometimes like listening to Bach, in its relentless rhythms and mix of masculine rigour and playfulness, but softened by the colouring from the florid double bass, and the drums punctuating, or trying to get a word in edgeways. Hard to convey in words, as you can see. Go buy some, that's what I'm going to do...

The evening also notable for the excessive quantity of pizza and ice-cream I put away. Mental note: don't sit between hungry teenage boys at a restaurant, especially one with such efficient staff.

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Ova Girl said...

hey sbs, I've just read your post. thankyou.

I really appreciate that.