26 May 2005

To the Arcola yesterday lunchtime for a reading of Penny Black's play, A Sudden Silence. I was expecting one of those things with the actors sitting on chairs, script in hand, sipping from water bottles between scenes. Got instead a more than semi-staged affair, tightly performed on a rudimentary but effective set. Scripts in hand became invisible, and the story came across very well. It's about a woman's sudden debilitation because of a stroke, and the emotional shockwaves disturbing the foundations of her family relationships. Humane and well-observed and funny.

Nice chatting after with PB, director Ellen Hughes and Erica W.

That was the only thing I did yesterday, still bedevilled by this cold. Preserved my energy for the football, which was just as well. Well done to the Red Half of Liverpool (I am a Bluenose, myself.) They are - pinch me- European Champions. Again. It was a fairytale evening to eclipse even Manchester United's 1999 triumph in the competition. To quote Sir Alex Ferguson from that night:
"Football - bloody hell".


Ova Girl said...

Something about the magic of Dr Footlights perhaps, enticing you out to play after play. Along with the magic of Dr Football of course.

Thanks for your comments re theatrical rejection letters, appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Get better, Ste. Eat peppers and oranges! J. xoxoxo