11 June 2005

Apollo Twelve

Found this beautiful shot from the Apollo 12 landing here.


Charles "Pete" Conrad and Al Bean were the third and fourth men on the moon. They spent about eight hours walking on the surface, in two separate stints - more than three times as long as their illustrious predecessors, Neil and Buzz. They conducted experiments, collected samples, and took some rather good pictures.
Conrad had a bet with a friend of his, an Italian journalist rejoicing in the name Oriana Fallaci, that he would make up his own words to say when his feet touched the moon. She was certain NASA had scripted Armstrong's first words, 'one small step' and all that, and would do the same for the other moonwalkers. As he jumped off the ladder onto the Ocean of Storms, November 19th 1969, the diminutive Conrad said:
'Whoopie! Man, that may've been a small one for Neil but it's a long one for me.'
He won his bet - and 500 big ones.


Rebecca Another-Playwright said...

Beautiful, eerie photo. Vaguely reminiscent of Beckett's ACT WITHOUT WORDS. But then one of my fave short plays is a satire of the moon missions - Jules Feiffer's GEORGE'S MOON, from FEIFFER'S PEOPLE.

sbs said...

hey R - will look out for the Feiffer.