08 June 2005

Brighton Rocks

Went to Brighton yesterday en famille. I realised I hadn't left the city in far too long, and announced to B and S after playgroup that we were off to the seaside.
I know Brighton's a city too but on a perfectly still and blue late spring day, you could be on the Med. And I love all its idiosyncratic barminess. The grandeur and the gaucherie. And that West Pier looming out there, a monstrous memento mori.

I can't believe some people actually still want to restore the thing. I suppose it was socially significant, but look at it. It'd take more than a lick of paint, and there are worthier targets for resurrection. It's hardly as worthy as the Grand Hotel - famously rebuilt after the attempted assassination of Mrs T - which is now fated to gaze out at its remains for eternity, or at least until the next bomb/fire/storm. Perhaps the Grand should have been left as a monumental reminder of the futility of terrorist acts, or of the hatred Thatcher inspired among her enemies. You decide.

Spike and B had a good time too and we were all tired and happy when we got home. (S didn't quite make it to bed before exhaustion rattled him into panic, and it took a while to quiet him...) Just what the doctor ordered. Even a hilariously poor and expensive supper in a restaurant called Nia hadn't put B off her stroke, and she's already planning our next excursion. Hard to beat Brighton when it's on form, though.


gabriels said...

I'm sorry - i think i'm not going to comment you about your brighton visit. Because I never went to brighton & I don't think i would ever go there.
I just wanted to say hi, because actually i'm your next door blogger and I'm amazed by the existence of this thing. And how easy we reach to other people life through this site. Nice to know you... Wish to know more about England from your point of view. Btw I'm from Indonesia, maybe next time I'll write something about my country in english.

Rod said...

A Grand day out. See suggestions for wilder places on my reply to your comment. I think they should paint the remnants of the pier blood red like in High Plains Drifter. Or was it The Outlaw Josey Wales?

sbs said...

Gabriel - if you've checked back let me say I was very touched by your comment. It is incredible, this global noticeboard, worldwide meeting place.
When I was younger I used to look at the international dialling codes in the phone book and think how amazing it would be to call up people in faraway places just to say hello, or even just to make a bell ring in their house, to be able to know that you made something happen in Argentina or Japan or the Solomon Islands... And there you are in Indonesia, reading about our day-trip So, thank you for stopping by! And I'll drop in to your site and say hello.

Ova Girl said...

Lovely! And the photos look great too. I am very impressed that you include them in your post and don't have to make them seperate posts. One day, I too will learn this skill.... (along with listing other blogs and statcounter)

Lesley said...

Loved this, reminded me of my time "down South" and my day trips to Brighton.