26 June 2005

Radio plays reviewed!

Found this very amusing blog, consisting solely of mostly poor reviews for plays on BBC radio by two bloggers going by the monikers 'Scrofula101' and 'Cal-Beeb-Fan'. Pithy and prickly, anonymous and acerbic. They do like some things, but mostly they don't. One review goes: "There are very few good plays set in Wales. This is not one of them."
So I felt okay about their comments on my Feb '05 offering, The Visitation - S101 thought the play depressingly bleak, but CBF counted that as a virtue and says the love story reminds them of Nabokov (presumably Lolita)! Not bad, all round. Scroll down to Saturday, 5th Feb to read it.
I did find one rave, though - a play called Terre Haute, with Serena McKellen in it, gets a blinder. (Friday, 25th Feb.)


scrofula101 said...

Thanks for your review. We'd like to have the chance to review more of your work if you could transfer it to radio.

sbs said...

How nice to have a comment from you. I really do like your site. Vivat!
As for more radio from me, it's in the lap of the Commissioners, of course.
What are the things you look for in a radio play? It's a very challenging medium for a writer, I think.

scrofula101 said...

Just care for good writing, characters and the avoidance of cliche. Radio is tough to write for but when it is done well its rewarding to listen to.