18 June 2005

When The Temp Goes Up To The Mid 80s

Your correspondent is not at his best in hot weather. Didn't leave the flat till about five o'clock and that was just to clean several months' worth of birdshit off a bench in the garden so's I could sit on it. (Last night I sat by the pond - "the greenwood tree" was a bit of artistic licence, hope you don't mind, but today I needed the shady spot, under the tree.) Eric at no.3 had thoughtfully repaired it a few weeks ago, with super-strong adhesive of the kind they use on gliders, so he says, and I believe him.
What was I up to till five? Writing a draft of scene 9, mostly. Also re-plumbing the new washing-machine. Our old one packed up just as Georgina was moving house, so we got her old one and I put it in myself, which made me feel very virile, what with all the spannering and messing about in my useful cupboard. Then it sprung a leak, so I had to get a new hose. Hence the re-plumbing.

Scene 9 is just between my hero and the Virgin (in disguise). For no reason I can think of, I listened to loud music while I wrote, not my usual m.o. - Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim, New Order, Morrissey.

Then B went off to Southwark to do the bar, and me and the boy toddled off to have supper at the park cafe. I had a bacon toastie and S had chicken and chips and salad. Our diet is usually exemplary, so we let ourselves go a bit as a treat. S even had a lolly for pud, and while I was queuing for that I bumped into Richard Bean. Actually he had no idea who I was, and still doesn't!, but I recognised him from his Monsterist talk and introduced myself. The fog cleared a bit when I mentioned pm and Rod. He told me the Monsterists are having a conference at Hampstead soon.

My siblings and Mum are all up at Loch Lomond, at the REM gig. I kind of wish they'd invited me. Ah well. The price I pay for being the posh twat of the family.


Lesley said...

Hey posh twat, bet REM were crap anyway!

sbs said...

oh I doubt it, L. but to be fair on the sibs, they've been gigging together for years and can't really be blamed for not wanting square elder bro cramping their style (Mum went as babysitter)