18 July 2005


Off on me 'olidees this morning. To somewhere near Dartmouth in Devon. Joining up with my homeys for some r 'n r. The weather's set to cool off just as I hit the coast but I don't mind too much. Jumpers and jackets on the beach has always been my style.

Before I go could I just say, I'm so very glad to be part of this blogospherical entity. The people on my blogroll, and beyond, have given me unlooked for entertainment, food for thought, and so on. If Jeeves were with us still, I feel sure after a day unravelling Wooster's tangled webs he'd settle down, not to an improving book, but to post his latest insights on his 'manfridaytoadunce.blogspot.com'.
Though doubtless he'd return to his Spinoza or his Dante after logging off.

See you at the weekend.

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