07 July 2005

A quick word

Me and immediate family all fine, if a little shaken up. We knew this could happen; black daydreams while travelling on the tube, about explosions and their aftermath, have become part of a Londoner's mental landscape. What to say, except we're relieved to have dodged this one. As was always statistically likely to be the case, but one never knows. As for friends, we'll just have to sit tight and hope they're all okay too. Mobile networks are shaky.
Chris from the Playhouse called: as expected, there'll be no walkabout theatre in the Borough tonight.

Wikinews on the attacks. Harriet has some invaluable links.

First-hand account.


Harriet said...

glad to hear y'all are alright. Pretty surreal day all round.

Anonymous said...

Ste, I just woke up and read about this. I went to your blog first before e-mailing you. What a nightmare. So glad/relieved you are all safe. - J.

Ova Girl said...

thank god sbs. Terrifying. Our thoughts are with you.

sbs said...

posted this at o.g.'s place:

spent an hour or so at the Angel this eve, where we go to buy books, food, drink coffee - just a couple of minutes up the hill from King's Cross. it was deserted, a ghostly rainy place. usually packed and buzzy. very very odd. such people as there were subdued and polite.
i think the shock will hit tomorrow. for now, we're pissed off and tired. and disbelieving that our city has been so disrespected and disturbed by these maniacs.