31 August 2005

The excellent BBC online Magazine has borrowed an idea from me for a story. Beats working, especially in this godforsaken weather (it's 24 degrees in Spike's room, at 11pm...).

*update, 20th Sept. The beautiful, fragrant people at the Magazine yesterday linked to this piece in a brilliant article about Dubya being caught short at the UN. So WELCOME indeed to the many of you dropping by from the Mag. A special hello to the person who came by from the Holy See, Vatican City. Also to the readers in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Thailand, Belarus and other places I've not seen on my stats before....

A word or two about the play I saw at the Arcola last week, Silence by Moira Buffini. I'd seen a piece by MB before, though not her West End hit Dinner. The thing wot I saw (produced by the RSC at the Barbican, so we're going back a bit, to prelapsarian 2001) was Loveplay, a cheeky, rude and at the same time delicate and touching piece about love down the ages. Silence predates Loveplay, and you can see some of its common springs. Most obviously in MB's interest in the history of sex, but also in some seriously good comic instincts. She's a Monsterist, as is that Rebecca Lenkiewicz whose Shoreditch Madonna I saw recently. You can see the kinship - in both writers there's a poetic sensibility yoked with a sharp dramatic flair, a nose for a story. In RL's case, with that particular play, I confess I thought the poetic overreached itself to compensate, as the story wasn't the strongest. But I'm keen to see her next. Shelley Silas is another woman Monster, and coincidentally her play Mercy Fine is on at Southwark when we do our short plays.

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