19 August 2005

We 'ad that Nick Robinson in our park caff yesterday. Other people I remember having to try hard not to gawp at while drinking my tea or pushing a swing in the playground: Nick Hornby, Jarvis Cocker, Eddie Tenpole Tudor, Philippa Thomas (very nearly said hello to her instinctively before realising just in time she was a telly friend, not an actual friend), Saskia Reeves, Simon Munnery, Bobby Gillespie off of Primal Scream (excellent site). Oh and I saw that Samantha Morton and family in the grocers on Church St... Perhaps I should retrain as a paparrazzo.

Also yesterday had a very sociable day with Spike. Saw Sam at Tinderbox, Alex C and her charming friend Milan outside the library, and Uncle Toby inside.

Hope the director doesn't mind!, don't yet know who that's going to be, but I've cast Suzanna Hamilton in my as yet unwritten short play, which will be about the mid-Atlantic meeting of a round-the-world yachtswoman and Judas Iscariot. There's a legend that Judas is allowed out of Hell on certain holy days, and his treat, or holiday I suppose, is spent perched on a rock in the ocean.

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