02 August 2005

We have a provisional date for the evening of short plays at Southwark Playhouse - 13th November. Hurrah. The SP are being incredibly supportive and this makes me all the keener to put on a good show.

Queued for returns to see Mary Stuart at the Donmar yesterday but was beaten to the last ticket by a woman who appeared out of nowhere saying she'd been ahead of me but had had to go and get cash. Her friend backed her up, and that was that. God I was irritated.
While I fruitlessly queued, I had a view of the ushers checking the theatre-goers for bag bombs. It may just have been my mood, but I felt this was worse than futile, as each of the greying, donnish, well-fed culture-junkies fumbled with clasps and zippers to prove themselves free of murderous intent. It'd be a messed-up kind of jihadi, let's face it , who'd want to sacrifice themselves to take down the drama-lovers among the LRB readership. All the business serves is to give the intelligentsia a frisson of danger, or perhaps in this case, since it was Schiller they'd come to see, an agreeable feeling of Weltschmerz.
And to think, all that would have been MINE were it not for Cashpoint Woman. Yeeargh!


Anonymous said...

For reasons which need not detain us, I spoke to a Donmar security man last week who estimated that 75% of women whose bags he searched had the latest Harry Potter in there. I ask you; is this a civilisation worth saving?

Ova Girl said...

What the fuck are they doing lugging that big heavy book to the theatre?

Ova Girl said...

oops I meant to say Yay for the shorts season sbs but was distracted by anonymous.

sbs said...

anon - thanks for that, it did make me laugh. and og - c'mon, don't tell me you haven't done exactly that!