12 September 2005

The Belfast

I have a new jobette and the first planning meeting for it was on this ship

which is now moored here

(picture from here).

More details in time, but essentially it's a schools project run out of Southwark Playhouse, with the participation of the HMS Belfast Veterans Association, Southwark Council, the Imperial War Museum and the Poetry Library. It'll be about homecomings.
I had a v short tour (there are, count 'em, nine decks), going back next Monday, and omygod the place is indescribably fascinating. I saw the bunks, the mess deck. I fingered some of the uniforms they have on display. I was a kid all over again, except me as a kid would have been too bedazzled to breathe and found the whole thing worryingly strange. I seem to have acquired an adventurous side somewhere along the line I never had in my teens or pre-teens.

Also had meeting with Ellen Hughes about The May Queen - she's going to direct a reading of it in December. Which is nice.

When not in meetings I had the radio glued to the ear. The cricket has been inspiring, dramatic. Had Australia managed to win today I'd not have been surprised, and would still have found it all thrilling. They almost did in fact, but Warne dropped Pietersen.

A couple of days ago on Radio 4, between overs, the oh-so-posh Christopher Martin Jenkins lamented that because of a new building he could no longer see a particular church from the commentary box, one built by Giles Gilbert Scott, the genius responsible for red telephone boxes, my college's chapel, and, as CMJ pointed out before Brett Lee finished polishing the ball, Liverpool Cathedral.

CMJ... Been in Liverpool Cathedral, Foxy? (Graham Fowler, former England opening batsman and laconic Lancastrian)

Foxy... Which one? Paddy's Wigwam or the other.

CMJ... I'm thinking of the larger of the two, the Anglican Cathedral.

Foxy... Oh aye, it's a beauty is that. Got a beautiful Elisabeth Frink statue in there.
I'm a big fan of Elisabeth Frink's.

CMJ... Start of a new over, Brett Lee comes steaming in from the Pavilion End...


Ova Girl said...

FABULOUS jobette sbs! I'm smitten with jealousy. One of my dreams is to write plays for/with museums. Love historical stuff....

And brilliant re the reading in December. London bloggy readers MUST see this and demand a production. It is a great great play. And it's HUGE!

(And I mean that in a good way)

Oh and I must congratulate you on the cricket. I believe it was a bit exciting towards the end. I even watched a bit but gave up when I couldn't make c explain to me how it worked. He was very pleased that England won the ashes and not just because he is a pom born. I was very pleased to see Penelope Keith in the crowd.

sbs said...

"I was very pleased to see Penelope Keith in the crowd." - camptastic, og!

thanks for cheering me on re The May Queen. it's almost done - I know I've been saying that for a while now, but I'm writing the last scene, and having a reading lined up is just dandy.