19 September 2005

Cheers, pm

It's with a heavy heart that I'm about to take out the screwdriver and remove the brass panel engraved "My London Life". Paul Miller's diary was the first blog I connected with, and it spurred me to start my own. It's a dubious legacy, but there we are. Now that he's decided to hang up his keyboard, I shall simply say, Thanks pm. And see you around.


Ova Girl said...

That's very sad sbs. Also originally inspired by pm's fabulous My London Life.
I miss him.

pm said...

Thanks sbs and ova girl. You were both so nice about my blog and always supportive. I still love reading you both too. I had to stop as it was starting to interfere with my work in very awkward ways. When the dust has settled I may start again but stick to my boring personal life and avoid mention of work stuff.