20 September 2005

Saturday I met up with RLN at the NT to see Brian Friel's 1979 play Aristocrats. Michael B gives a full and fair assessment of it here.
The highlight for me was the character of Casimir, and the performance in the role by Andrew Scott. AS was one of the three leads in a telly comedy that was a huge hit in our house, BBC3's My Life In Film.
The lowlight was when R's mobile started bleeping. We were in the tenner seats, very close to the stage, and the lady next to R was hissing at her, so the poor woman had to bail out and watch the rest of the act from the back of the circle, having finally found the off switch...


Ben said...

Did you like Aristocrats?

Casimir was a good character but the play itself had some very slow/boring places, no? Bits where nothing much happened and nothing new about character or the place came about.

It shows a part of Irish life, but if it's worth 4* (though what is a '*'?) then Harvest must be worth 8 !

Did you seen Bean's response to the critics in the Guardian?

sbs said...

Well I think I agree with you. I thought the first half overgrown with exposition, with Casimir as the wild flower in its midst. If that's not too fey of me. 2nd half I liked better. After the academic - terrible character - had taken himself off.
Wd like to have seen the monologue play - "Casimir, Prince of Hamburg", or something.

Did see RB's riposte. V good. Vive les monsteristes!