12 October 2005

B's Favourite Song When She Was Little

I've just been treated to a rendition of After The Ball, which features in one of B's old piano music books she had as a child, along with more wholesome favourites like The Wheels On The Bus, and My Hat It Has Three Corners. It goes a little something like this...

After the ball was over,
She took out her glass eye,
Put her false teeth in water,
Shook from her hair the dye.
Kicked her cork leg in the corner,
Stripped off her false nails and all,
Then what was left went to bye-byes,
After the ball.



spindleshanks said...

sbs you're making this up - surely.

Anonymous said...

There's a poem by Swift along the same lines. On Sylvia Going To Bed or something like that.

sbs said...

shanks - come round and she'll play it for you. i'm really not kidding.
B was 7 or 8 and she obsessed about the song because she'd found her granny's teeth in a jar before knowing that people could do that.
anon - i'll have a look for it. cheers.

RoseyP said...

Hi, I remember learning this song at primary school and truly thought my teacher had made it up. Do you know the name of the music book it came from, please? I have a 4-month old daughter who loves listening to me play the piano and sing (not that I'm much good at either, but she's too young to know that yet!) Thanks.