13 October 2005

Harry Pinter and the Prize of Nobel

So they finally gave it up to the Cantankerous One. About time too.
Found a delicious story about the old bastard on this blog.
Remember hearing him speak at the Hyde Park rally against British and US belligerence in Iraq, the big pre-invasion one. It was stirring stuff, if a little infra dig. It seemed wrong somehow that such a colossus of language - its nuances, powers, terrors - should be obliged to read his work into a mike and out across the freezing breezes. There should have been a delegation to Downing Street, a citizens' summons served, and Blair et al obliged to listen to the quiet fury of Pinter's blunt instruments, his unsubtly brilliant broadsides.


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Anonymous said...

hmm - his political poetry (much as i agree wiht the sentiments behind it) does have that slight flavour of adrian mole -

but betrayal, old times, the caretaker, the homecoming - he deserves it -