25 October 2005

Is it just me, or...

Does Ecover toilet cleaner smell worse than what it's supposed to be neutralising? Perhaps it's sympathetic pregnancy syndrome, but the stuff don't half pen and ink.

In other more salubrious news, I had a smashing time at Danny's Wake Saturday last. It's a two-hander by esteemed comedy writer Jim Sweeney that won a Fringe First at Edinburgh in 1999. Jason Lawson, a colleague in the Belfast project, was directing. I really liked the writing, the gags are good and the characters drawn with care and attention, amplified by JL's good work.
Seeing it at the New End, an upscale black box, and with the running time of just an hour, you could imagine Danny's Wake as an 11pm show at somewhere like the Pleasance Attic, and after you'd spill out into the madness of the Courtyard there, all carousing cast-members, spellbound backpackers and seen-it-all louche London types.
Instead of which you spill out into a leaf-strewn Hampstead lane, and walk up to Whitestone Pond to catch the 210 to Finsbury Park.

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