22 October 2005

Tempus fugit. Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like bananas.

It's a quite interesting fact - heard it on QI last night - that fruit flies were the first living things to go into space, in the nosecone of a specially adapted V-2 rocket in 1946.

Did the bar at Southwark last night. Busy busy, as 'Tis Pity is properly sold out, with people queueing for returns and everything. Not only was Keira Knightley in (yes, she is uncommonly pretty) but also my new friend G. The interval was a scrum, in which KK did not participate (I think I sold her friend some soft drinks), G tried to bring some of his King's Head bar managing skills to bear but was beaten to it by L.
It's just ace to see the Playhouse buzzing.

But I wasn't the only one sneezing from all the stardust yesterday. B saw Fiona Shaw out shopping, and also the fabulous Morgan Spurlock.

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spindleshanks said...

new friend g and i saw tilda swinton on saturday night in a ghastly restaurant - there's something going round alright