12 October 2005

tickety boo

I got a call from the National yesterday.
"Hi, Stephen, it's Nick Hytner here. Listen, I just read your play The May Queen - "
No, wait. That was the dream I had during my nap.
The actual call was from the box office people. Paul Rhys is ill and has had to pull out of the show, so Saturday night's performance of Howard Brenton's Paul is cancelled, along with all the others until they've re-rehearsed. The b.o. was offering me a rescheduled perf later in the year, or tickets for an extra show of the Mike Leigh, Two Thousand Years...
Even though I've got tickets to take B to the ML on our anniversary (Dec 21st), I jumped at an extra pair, remembering just how jealous my parents-in-law were that we were going to it. If you haven't heard, Two Thousand Years is a piece about a North London Jewish family, and R&R were cross that it had sold out.
A quick phone call later, and my son-in-law brownie points stock goes through the roof. Not that they were particularly low, we hosted the Rosh Hashanah (New Year) dinner last week. But then the stock did slightly plunge after I asked for there to be no translation of the Hebrew, as I didn't want God talked about in glowing terms in our house.
Family life. Oy. And don't get me started about the trip to Cumbria last weekend to see my family. We love each other, make no mistake. It's just not that easy spending time together, sometimes. We're going through a transitional period, all of us, as we adjust to Life After Dad. And there are the tumults of child-rearing for all of us - inc Mum, who's doing a lot of baby-minding. Anyway. As Dad (the decorator) used to say, "It'll all dry white."

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