25 November 2005

I went to the Hampstead Theatre and saw a befuddling monster, The Rubenstein Kiss. The writer/director James Phillips bit off more than he could chew, seemed to me. What do I know. And of course all those 'right to fail' arguments rear up. How else is one going to work out how to write a big play on a big theme, than by just bloody well doing it? And if JP goes on to write a purringly satisfying big piece further down the line, he can point to The R Kiss and say, that's where I learned what and what not to do.
The cast were excellent. Samantha Bond, Alan Cox, Gary Kemp. And Will Keen superb as Jacob Rubenstein. *
Jeffrey Archer was in the night I went. That was bloody strange. Also Nell, which was, as the man says, nice. She's up for this Evening Standard award (Best Newcomer, I think) on Monday. Hope she wins! And Richard Bean too, in a different category (Best Play). Good luck both.

* Please see my post here for a necessary corrective.


Anonymous said...

good to see something this ambitious, and some interesting ideas in there - but - laboured storytelling, scenes with no tension or direction, dialogue that's painfully in need of editing - the right to fail is about the right to experiment - not the right to do things badly when they could so clearly be done well - and this looks like a failure of the artistic/literary staff of the theatre to give someone who's clearly a very promising writer the dramaturgical (and maybe directorial) support he needs -

spindleshanks said...

writer/director - says it all.