26 December 2005

How Was It For You?

Laughed myself stupid at an episode of Curb ("The 5 Wood").
Ate roasted duck till it was coming out of my ears.
With plum jam and home-made gravy.
Declined invite to lunch with family whose boy bit me at Xmas lunch last year.
Saw no family - my lot all up North, her lot in Tallinn, Oxford and Nottingham (for Limmud, Jewish conference).
Bought myself 3 tracks on iTunes even though I haven't got an iPod:
Wake Up - Arcade Fire
Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen
Ugly - Bubba Sparxx.
Had lunch today with Spike in Starburger, Chapel Market, Islington. I really know how to spoil my boy at Christmas. But then I took him to Hamleys and bought him his heart's desire - yet more Thomas the Tank Engine friends. Harvey, Bulgy and Fergus.
Sat in rubbish local pub watching my rubbish team lose 0-4 to even rubbisher team (no, I can't explain it, you have to trust me, they actually are worse).
Late Xmas present from B - Untold Stories, Alan Bennett. Which means she's broken our unwritten 'no prezzies' rule and I'll have to wrack my brains to come up with something for her.

Christmassy theatre note - me and pal Lucy went to Moliere's The Hypochondriac on Christmas Eve Eve at the Almeida, and had an absolute ball. It's hilarious, thanks to Richard Bean's very funny version and some tip-top comic acting from the likes of Henry Goodman, Kris Marshall, Ronnie Ancona, Stephen Boxer etc etc. They were all on their game, the direction's very witty and the whole thing makes a fab Christmas show without a hint of a dame. Lots of kids in the audience too - good for them.

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