29 January 2006

Cardboard Notice

There now follows...
Penny left this in the comment box but I'm copying it here for better visibility.

penny Cliff said...

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, Stephen, about FRACTURED, it does my heart good. If anyone wants to see more shows, there will be some, held in hostels. In each venue, only two shows are performed, so if anyone especially wants to see my plays ('Stella' and 'Order') they need to ask the Cardboard Citizens office. The number to call is 0207 247 7747.
Please call, because the more people do, the greater the chance of the tour being extending, which is fantastic for those fantastic actors.
Finally, the facilitator, or Joker, as called in the convention of forum theatre, was Terry O'Leary, who also wrote STAMPED, the middle play. It was her first full piece, I dramaturged the whole project, and it's a great achievement for her. Cardboard Citizens also have a reasonably interesting website www.cardboardcitizens.org.
Penny Cliff


Yidchick said...

Enjoyed the cardboard citizens site. Wish I could beam myself to London for the weekend to see some great theatre. I would try bring some sunshine with me - Sydney is stinking hot right now. XX

Anonymous said...

off-topic, but


sbs said...

o god that's funny. thankyou