31 January 2006

I'm thinking I might, and yes I probably will, write an adaptation of Robinson Crusoe. Going back to the original Defoe story, and doing it relatively (ie unusually) straight. Anyone seen such a version?
So I suppose this past year's blogging is just a very cunning piece of guerilla marketing.


Glyn said...

Saw Complicite's Foe years back, based on the J.M.Coetzee book, with Kathryn Hunter. Not their best piece, but I liked it.

Haven't heard a straight version of Robinson Crusoe though. Don't know how you'd pitch the slight colonial dodginess... Completely upfront about it somehow I guess. Or this.

Completely other thing: have you seen the London Blog Directory yet?

sbs said...

God that's a great book, Foe.
But there's value I think in doing a *De*foe. Put through the mill of our theatre language, yes, but the book in essence - its grandeur and imaginative reach.
The Friday thing - yup, completely upfront.

Re: the directory - check out Manor House!

Anonymous said...

if you did it as a play Hull Truck would beinterested as Crusoe is based on some guy who sailed from Hull. There's a statue in Queens
Gardens of Crusoe next to one for Mick Ronson.

I was there at 12.00 - Whappen'?

sbs said...

thanks R. sorry about the mix-up.

I should get on to Hull, you're dead right. Interesting that they kind of claim him. Is there any needle between Hull and York? Defoe calls his character "RC of York, Mariner". Wonder if Hull claims him to spite the other place!

spindleshanks said...

i have a bit of a york contact if we want to try that neck of the woods. let me know. but not till march, stop getting me interested when i have a million other things to think about!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ste, just been checking up on your life. Tell Becca she looks fabulously chic in venice. Glad to see your on a roll. Love to Spike x ... Sister Sue

sbs said...

Wotcher Sis, thanks for dropping in,
see you when Buzz lands maybe x