16 January 2006

My statcounter tells me I've had a visit from Pakistan this morning, and one from India.
The Pakistani hit resulted from someone at the Islamabad Commission for Science and Technology going on MSN and searching for "a man is known by the company he keeps". Most results tell you that this is the moral of the Aesop fable about "The Ass and His Purchaser".
The Indian visitor resides in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and has been to my site several times before.

Most of the random visits I get are, logically enough, from people searching for matters relating to Robinson Crusoe. The latest such visit was on Friday, when someone in Martigny, Switzerland searched MSN for RC.


pm said...

I have odd visitors, too, including the one from Gujarat, I think.

Statcounter is a wonderful thing, but there's a weird tendency to Japanese visitors with an ISP in Canada and people in Guildford whose computer thinks it's in America.

Harriet said...

I am mostly found by people who keep fish.

sbs said...

The ones that faze me are those that say "237 returning visits " when you've never seen them before.