01 January 2006

Oh My Giddy Aunt What's Going To Happen?

In the bit of my brain that hasn't changed since childhood (arguably the larger part) the New Year's first day always feels like you're sitting at the top of a ski jump and someone's about to give you a firm push in the small of the back...

NYE I spent on my own, as B and the boy are away in Bristol (though I'd been a-visiting earlier, and been to the theatre in the afternoon, of which more later). Very memorably, the searing lightshow and pyro explosions on my telly, coming from the South Bank, were echoed by the sight out of my open window of the ditchwater sky brightening in a frenzy, and the sound, as I imagine the Blitz must have reached the outer parts of London, of a hellish tide of thunder, the deepest bass shaking the air of an entire city.

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spindleshanks said...

well done for lasting the distance - i was in bed by 11. bah humbug.