08 January 2006

some notes

Me and Mum plumped for And Then There Were None at the Gielgud. An absolute screech, to borrow a phrase from one of the characters. It's Kevin Elyot's version of Agatha Christie's morality fable Ten Little Indians. Starred Tara Fitzgerald and a host of actors well known to Mum as she's an aficionado of Poirot, Midsomer Murders etc. Terrific fun, and surprisingly unsettling, as Billington explains (though for a different take altogether, have a butcher's at Maxie's review).

The new show at Southwark is a corker. Stallerhof is by Franz Xaver Kroetz, whose Through The Leaves was such a hit for the Playhouse a couple of years ago (West End transfer and all that). Very recommended. I'll see it again and write more after.

The second outing for The Miniaturists will be on Sunday February 26th, a week later than originally planned. This brings it interestingly close to that other second, our ever more imminent baby boy. He's due on March 6th. If you're interested in this sort of thing, he's going to be named Bernard (after my Dad) but will be known as Buzz. As in Aldrin, and Lightyear. All being well he'll be born here, in the flat.

And while we're on the subject of sprogging... Ova Girl's up the duff! Hurrah! I've been a bit shy of shouting about her and C's doubly happy news - it's twins - but pm's just done so and I'm jolly well joining in. Bloody well done O.G., and there'll be much more jigging outside Sydney theatres to come, of that I've no doubt.

The Miniaturists line-up for next month:
Sebastian Baczkiewicz
Rachael McGill
Rebecca Nesvet
Tassos Stevens
plus one other tbc.

Took B to see The Hypochondriac on Friday, and she loved it. As did England's last Lord Chancellor, Derry Irvine, we noted.


spindleshanks said...

glad you liked 10 little unmentionables - am going to try and go this week sometime - no pp news - hopefully tomorrow

RLN said...

yes... I'd read the title word wasn't originally INDIANS too but that's what adaptations are for. Glad The Miniaturists have a date -- I'll start telling everyone in creation. (actually, I already have started.)

Ova Girl said...

Thanks sbs, just the beginning of rehearsals really, production's not till July or August thereabouts....

Loving Buzz!


Paul Shingler said...

While we are on the subject...Kraftwerk released a track entitled 'Zehn Kleine Negerlein' some time ago...not sure if it was an Agatha Christie tribute or something more sinister...answers on a postcard.

sbs said...

well exactly, ps. very curious.