10 January 2006

Where's My Head At

Newyear, newterm, newtangledhead.

Putting The Miniaturists 2 together - got the fifth writer I think, but tbc. Got the five directors I think, also tbc. Also putting show 3 together, for late May or early June. I'm going to write a piece for that - and I know what it will be. For years I've wanted to write something about JFK, and now's my chance.

Reconstructive surgery on scenes two and three of THE MAY QUEEN. Going with PB's exhortation - tallying with others - that if your idea in scene one is to set in motion one of these relentless tragic engines you must then keep your foot to the floor. 2 & 3 need to be more muscular and charged, and need to advance things at much the same pace as 1. Easy-peasy.

Rereading the Michel Tournier novel THE GOLDEN DROPLET, prior to putting together ideas on how I might adapt it. This is a longstanding, newly-revived project with KS, and the application is going in shortly for commission moolah.

Writing an introductory scene for the summer show HOME FRONT RECALL, the schools' project I've been working on since September. Cast of about fifty! Some of it performed on the deck of the warship, HMS Belfast!

Last not least, beginning the work of reimagining and enlarging THE GLASS SLIPPER, with new characters, new songs, and new collaborators...

There. That feels better, to get it down. Olive oil on my sticky noodle.


spindleshanks said...

that's quite a passel - and in between times, father of two...
saw "none" today, it was top japes.
hope the 5th writer now c (as opposed to tbc).

sbs said...

had to look up 'passel' - an excellent word. thefreedictionary.com refers us to the phrase (in Huck Finn) 'a passel of sapheads'. Might come in handy, you never know...