09 February 2006


Amazing what you turn up when you're rummaging through your old boxes looking for your birth certificate to send to the benefits people to claim extra maternity allowance (yes, it is like that, and I'm only able to go to all these shows because Dr.Footlights is on such good terms with Dr.Plastic, and I'm a wiz at booking in for the cheapies, and all freebies and concs welcome at this address...).

It's February? 1989, The Picture of Dorian Gray, the Lindsay Rooms, Balliol College Oxford. And that's Nick Caldecott on the right, as Lord Henry. Exhibiting classy prop skills on the left is Rupert Wickham, as Dorian.
My first script, dontcher know. Co-written with Michael Oliva, who directed the show, and borrowed most of his parents' best lamps for the set. Isn't it terrific?


Anonymous said...

much fun, as i remember - (it was a long, long time ago..)

one of the audience..

McK said...

That's a nice picture, Stephen. Who took it? Was it Julian?

RLN said...

Nice pic. Do you still have the script as well?

I'm fascinated by the photos from Meyerhold's lost film adaptation. Varvara Yanova's Dorian is a fascinating vintage drag king. Her pencil mustache is cute.

sbs said...

I sadly don't have the script. I'm a terrible archivist. I suppose Michael might. Nor do I know who took the photo. Ah, the mists of time.

RLN said...

Oh well. Maybe the photographer will identify himself via blog.

Julian said...

It was Andy Lane.