04 February 2006

Fringe Benefits

Maxie has given a shout out to the Miniaturists on her Guardian site, Fringe Benefits. Which is very good of her. So for the benefit of anyone coming here from there, here's the Miniaturists line-up for Sunday 26th:

Screams From Job
written and directed by Tassos Stevens

by Rebecca Nesvet
dir. Lucy Skilbeck

Gale Force Clothes Pegs
by Rachael McGill
dir. Joe Austin

A Thrashing
by Steve Hawes
dir. Gordon Murray

The Troubadour
by Sebastian Baczkiewicz
dir. Ellen Hughes.

There are two performances of all five, at 5.30pm and 8. Southwark Playhouse.
You'll need to drop me a line


if you'd like to come. Space is really limited, so please ask nice and early.
There's a suggested donation of £3 on the door.

All very exciting. One more thing - *playful finger-wag at Ms Szalwinska* - Monsterists are very welcome (though the only one I know is busy that night). Solidarity with fellow writers is one of the points of the project, he said solemnly.

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i kind of like the idea of picketing the mousetrap. very genteel.