24 February 2006

Got the programme done and printed, with only one major error in it (sorry, Rachael...), and had a short but sweet meet at the Playhouse with Richard the lighting chap. He was recently assistant designer on Stallerhof, so no worries.

Then while treating me and B to lunch at the Jerwood Space cafe round the corner, at the counter I get into one of those friendly 'after you, no, you first, oh, okay!' encounters with a young gentlewoman with considerable good looks and manners, and I'm thinking, how do I know this woman? It's not unusual, after all, to bump into people you've worked with at the Jerwood, as it's used by all sorts of companies for rehearsals. Then it hits me - she's Abi Titmuss. If you don't know the name, google her - but not if you're at work or you could get into trouble. Apparently Ms T is in an Arthur Miller play opening next week. She was buying an apple, by the way. You couldn't make it up.

Then later I'm checking my mail in Tinderbox cafe in the Angel and I realise Henry Goodman's sitting nearby. Henry was the lead in my radio play based on Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year last year. We chatted about this and that, auditions and miniatures and Jewish Book Week. Very nice man.

Then it was off to Lucy and Gordon's for a drink - they're each of them directing a mini - and then after that, home to read silly books with Spike.

Decent day, all round.

By the way, to clarify the goodness of yesterday's news - being nominated for that BBC/Royal Court thing isn't like being nominated for eviction on Big Brother, in that there isn't to be a vote of any kind. As Southwark's nominated writer, I'm now one of 'the 50'. Quite what's involved remains to be seen, but I do get the bursary, which is lovely. Huzzah!


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spindleshanks said...

one more sleep sbs. hurray for minis. and top news on the bursary too and being one of 50 - how select!

Ova Girl said...

Yay to you!

Also...I hope that all went fabulously for the show sbs, virtual flowers to you, lucy and gordon and all concerned.