21 February 2006

It's.... showtime

So it's time for me to write something about the Miniaturists project again. For Sunday's programme, but also here, in a rather more discursive way. This time the five plays are none of them by me, which means I'm... what? I'm not sure how to describe what I've been up to. I suppose I'm the producer but my heart sinks a little when I'm introduced as such. No offence intended to the producing community out there. I suppose I just like being known as a writer, first. Who happens to be producing work by other writers this time. B suggests I call myself 'miniaturist-in-chief'. Bit unwieldy, though.
What news, then?
Rod has written very elegantly (as usual) of his pleasure in doing Sebastian Baczkiewicz's play, and I'm very glad about that. The Troubadour is a real grower. Can't wait to see it.
Tassos Stevens has written a serious, restless, enquiring piece inspired by the story of Job. This is his first actual authored play but he's well known in London theatre for his innovative work as a theatre maker and director, not least his ongoing pubQuiz. I must here boast that me and B and friend Mackay 'won' the quiz in one of its early outings. Funnily enough T and I first met in 1995 when he was helping produce my Dostoyevsky adaptation The Gambler for its run in Edinburgh that year.
Rebecca Nesvet's Piecemakers is a dark and feisty miniature about Margery Lovett, Sweeney Todd's partner in crime. I've been distressed to hear of an industrial accident in rehearsal, when an actor's toe was broken. The actor in question is soldiering on, womanfully, which is very good of her.
Steve Hawes has written and produced lots of telly in his time, and much of it in French, as he's done oodles of Maigret for continental tv. For us he's written a piece set in a public school, touching on questions of the uses and abuses of power. The director was chasing one of those old-fashioned gymnastic vaulting horses on eBay for a time, but it got away.
And finally there's Rachael McGill's play, which is apparently finished and in rehearsal, and has songs, and it's set in the future, and it's called Gale Force Clothes Pegs (I love it already).

So there you go.


Glyn said...

I'm rather looking forward to all of these, Mr S. Don't knock the producering, you've sold me on all of 'em!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can't see the miniaturists on the southwark website

it's this sunday, right? what time? how do we book tickets?

thanks -

sbs said...

you can e me at miniaturists@googlemail.com
for details and reservations.