17 February 2006



I know, it looks like something from the cover of an Iain M.Banks space opera novel, but it seems the future is now - these are actual human people (Roger Federer and Andre Agassi) playing tennis on the helipad of the Burj-al-Arab hotel in Dubai. Gives me the willies just looking at it. The Guardian featured the picture in its G2 story about the place they call 'Mushroom City'. I found the pic on the hotel's website, along with the reasonable rates - a mere US$1300 per night for your basic suite. There's more gobsmackery here.

I also love it that there appears to be a person hovering in mid-air, right of picture. Anti-grav technology has already arrived in the United Arab Emirates, it seems. Or perhaps this is a still from a Doctor Who, where Federer and Agassi are whisked away by David Tennant to challenge for the All Galaxy Lawn Tennis Championships. And no doubt Rose goes all weak-kneed over one of them.


Ova Girl said...

yes i wondered who that little floating man was too. Is it the umpire perhaps?

Urban Chick said...

oh no no no no no!

if i stood up there, i know i would be having a huge internal dialogue about whether i might just throw myself off (yes! don't go the near the edge! no! don't be silly!)

fantastic picture

sbs said...

I know what you mean. Horrid. Do we share dna with lemmings, or something?

Andrew Eglinton said...

That is very impressive indeed, Dubai has got to be one of the wealthiest places on Earth now. Isn't that where Michael Jackson has been living?