08 March 2006

Perhaps foolishly agreed a few weeks ago to write a thirty minute play for an actors' company, for no money. I reckoned - and still do - it might be a useful exercise. The deadline for the first draft is next Tuesday. I had an idea, but began wondering if the content will be suitable for their audience - I'm hazy on whether it's meant to be a community type play or for the London fringe. If the latter, I'll go ahead. Waiting for them to get back to me.
Meanwhile there are still irons in proper job fires, but nothing I can comfortably blog, annoyingly.
Double meanwhile, Buzz is on top of his game - feeding like a dustbuster, sleeping like his brother or either of his parents, and only making noise politely to enquire where his next meal's coming from. The answer is usually forthcoming, and he's content.


spindleshanks said...

good luck with the play - 30 mins - a mediumist?
another visit and baby-hold once it's done?

sbs said...

thankyou spindles. and yes. has to be done pronto so see you soon...

(mediumist sounds a bit Madame Blavatsky!)