03 March 2006


102:45:40 Aldrin: Contact Light.

102:45:43 Armstrong (on-board): Shutdown

102:45:44 Aldrin: Okay. Engine Stop.

102:45:45 Aldrin: ACA out of Detent.

102:45:46 Armstrong: Out of Detent. Auto.

102:45:47 Aldrin: Mode Control, both Auto. Descent Engine Command Override, Off. Engine Arm, Off. 413 is in.

102:45:57 Duke: We copy you down, Eagle.

102:45:58 Armstrong: Engine arm is off. (Pause) Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.

102:46:06 Duke: (Momentarily tongue-tied) Roger, Twan...(correcting himself) Tranquility. We copy you on the ground. You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue. We're breathing again. Thanks a lot.

102:46:16 Aldrin: Thank you.


Our Buzz has arrived. Bernard Sharkey, at 11.46pm last night, Homerton Hospital, weighing 8 pounds 9. Nice and chubby, and sleepy. B v well.


McK said...

Roger. Tranquility, be advised there's lots of smiling faces in this room and all over the world.

spindleshanks said...

can't wait to meet the little tacker as we orstraylians say. all love and congratulations to you four xxxx

pm said...

Omedetoo, Sharkey-san!

J. said...

Welcome little Buzz... congratulations Ste, Becca and S.!

Rod said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to Bernie's journey!

paul shingler said...

Welcome to Bernard 'Buzz' Sharkey! Heartfelt congratulations to you all. Another Evertonian to swell the blue ranks! Nice 1!

sbs said...

Thank you all so much. Lovely to get these messages from near and far. B says thanks too

Urban Chick said...

ooh congrats on the arrival of buzz! so nice that he was able to wait until after last sunday's performances...very polite! bodes well for the future


Ova Girl said...

Lately joining the excited throng sbs (drowning not waving under sea of cardboard boxes and packing tapes). Much love and congrats to you all and welcome back to earth Buzz...


And great big cheers to Becca!!

sbs said...

thanks OvaG. and v exciting about your flutters! UC - yes it was good of him to wait - Miniaturists knocked me into the middle of the week

Ben said...

Congratulations !