25 March 2006

Very low day. Third day inside, and three nights of broken sleep. No fault of Buzz, bless him, he's quiet as a churchmouse. It's just the symptoms have been bothersome enough to wake me when not in rem sleep. Dad-in-law the retired GP reckons me and B haven't caught Slapcheek after all (see previous) - just a nasty and coincidental bout of flu.

Plus the bloody football - Everton losing 3-1 to Liverpool. Same score as last time. I know it's childish but this really depresses me.

Good things to look forward to this week, then.

Meeting up with Sinead and Camille to work on Night Light.
More light in the evenings.
Booking to see some plays. (Was meant to see The Odyssey tonight at the Lyric with a gang. Damn. Anyone seen it?)
Reading MoonDust.
Catching up with friends.
Showing Buzz off to them if they haven't seen him already.
Kicking off the next Miniaturists show by meeting up with a producer who wants to help out.
Getting my appetite back and cooking some nice food to sate it.
Kicking around the park with Spike, taking him to the caff for a lolly.


Ova Girl said...

Oh sbs! Sounds horrible. Hope you and B and Spike feel better soon! (does this mean Buzz has completely avoided the plague? Sensible child)

sbs said...

Bless you, we're all on the mend. And Buzz has - touch wood - sailed through the viral fog unimpeded. Must be all those immunity bits and bobs he gets in his drinkies...