06 April 2006

Got my first smile off of Buzz this morning. Not a full-on beaming chuckle you understand, more of a friendly hello sort of affair. But good enough.

Rest of the day uninspired, self-doubting, making no sense to myself.

One other good thing to report, though - Steve Johnson, brother of playwright Judith, has put together the ultimate anorak site for Everton supporters. It's truly a thing of wonder. By looking in the Opponents section I was able to find the date of the first game I went to without my Dad. It's always stayed with me that it was against Bristol City, and that Everton won by the handsome margin of 4 goals to 1. I was in my first year at St.Francis Xavier's College, a grammar school in those days, known to Liverpudlians as SFX. I went to the match with my classmate Brian Roche, and I remember they played Oliver's Army by Elvis Costello and the Attractions over the tannoy at half-time.

Now, thanks to Steve, I know the exact date of that auspicious occasion - February 10th, 1979.


spindleshanks said...

hello there - prob have no immediate need to check out the everton supporters site but obviously am pleased for you. have kept a low profile as i know you are inundated with work but i am around so when you feel ready, call and i'll come and play. happy writing x

sbs said...

thanks for that ss. I'm a dull Jack at the mo but look forward to some play next week...