22 April 2006

I've been much distracted this week by work, children and televised sport (not necessarily in that order) but I must just pop my head round the door to encourage you, if you like a decent play and I know many of you do, to get down to Southwark to see David Eldridge's early (1996) work Summer Begins. I broadly agree with Lyn Gardner's review of the piece, and her praise of the direction and performances - I thought the actors were superb and the production served the play extremely well, much credit must go to director Amelia Nicholson. But I particularly wanted to flag up the seriously good writing. It may have been called soapy here and there but if the soaps were as careful to draw such rounded characters and were half as compassionate towards them I might still watch them. No, I think DE's play is better than quality soap (if there is such anymore - Corrie sometimes hits the mark, I believe). It's not the sort of piece that grabs the headlines, but in its way it's what we're all striving for, us playwrights - it brings people to breathing life, and makes us feel for them.

Two more theatre notes - I can't wait to see Simon Stephens' Motortown at the Court - from what I've been reading it seems pretty much essential viewing.

And Night-Light, the show I've written (ie just finished writing) for performers Sinead Rushe and Camille Litalien, will open in the Ustinov Studio at the Theatre Royal, Bath, on May 6th, before its three-week run at the Oval House studio in London, commencing May 16th. After that there are dates in Reading, Birmingham and Belfast. More on this anon, inevitably.


RLN said...

Congrats on the play in Bath - more details, please?

sbs said...

thanks for the congrats, you of much faith! it's just on one night in Bath but as I say has a decent run at Oval House. the link to the OH website tells you more about the piece.