23 May 2006

This week's Time Out has a good review of Night-Light. There's a slightly ponderous one in The Stage. The person from the Metro disliked it very much. Hoopla!

Had a very good time in Oxford on Sunday evening. Colin Teevan's piece at the Playhouse was terrific. Tough and tender, lyrical and funny, searching and at times heartbreakingly sad. It also had a unity and a flow that marked it as an advance on Missing Persons, his other set of classically inspired modern fables. MP also soared at times, for sure, and parts of it are priceless. But with Clare Higgins emoting and enunciating every syllable, Seven Pomegranate Seeds had me twisting on its hook.
Memorable also was the fact that the first person I bumped into at the 'do' beforehand was my old tutor Richard Jenkyns, now Professor of the Classical Tradition at Oxford, and a gentle, genial man. Slightly put my foot in it by repeating my criticisms of last autumn's production of Orestes at the Playhouse, only for Richard to tell me politely one of his current pupils directed it and he thought she did rather a good job.
Back in the mid-80s when I got into Oxford, the university couldn't care less about your A-levels, they set you an exam and interviewed you. Richard more or less told the quaking teenage me in my interview (I spent my 18th at the college, as it happened to fall the day before) that what I wrote in the exams was all over the place academically but he liked the way I wrote. Admitting me was an act of faith, or charity, or both.

So Porno Girl's nearly finished, and with it a run of short-ish projects - Night-Light, the Belfast play The Happy Ship, Dress Rehearsal (the short piece for the Liverpool Everyman), A Sphinx On Clacton Sands (meeting the company tonight), and PG. What next? Back to the monster, The May Queen, for some revisions, then mapping out an adaptation of Robinson Crusoe, and then ever so possibly starting work on a Greek translation. All that and the World Cup on the horizon. Enough to do your noodle in.

ps Heard that Andrew Schofield is going to perform Dress Rehearsal at the Everyman this Saturday. I'm chuffed about this - AS is a proper legend in Liverpool.


Anonymous said...

"Aver"? I think you may mean "demur".
Honestly, what do they teach them at Oxford these days..?

sbs said...

I know. I'm a disgrace to the place really.