30 May 2006

Well I had a splendid evening on Saturday. The show was rather ace, in a Miniaturistic style. There were six ten-minute plays about the sporting life (I've decided not to use the word monologue anymore, it's too ugly) by Liverpool writers - the definition seems to include those like me who are exiled, prodigal, whatever. Variety, concision, punch (two of the six were about boxing, in fact). The writers were Abi Bown, Stephen Butchard, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Nick Leather, Joanne Sherryden and me. Andrew Schofield played former snooker world champion Craig O'Donnell in my piece Dress Rehearsal, giving him a bloke-ish sort of sincerity with flashes of wryness and self-doubt. And the Romans In Britain joke got a big laugh (though not from my mum and aunties).
Gemma Bodinetz's assistant at Liverpool Theatres, Serdar Bilis, directed his first show in the space with wit and aplomb and it was only a pity that GB couldn't be there - she had to be at the LT tech manager's wedding...

Going to the first preview of Market Boy tonight, looking forward to it very much. Did you see the pic of David Eldridge and Rufus Norris in the paper? Just marvellous.

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