09 June 2006

Tad better today, not because of any cooling off in the blinking weather but because of the footie. Wayne Rooney's fit (for now), ditto Stevie G and finally Eriksson seems to have stuck up the proverbial two fingers to Sir Alex and with him all the naysayers. What price a Rooney winner in the final a month from today? In case you've forgotten, he's an Evertonian - Once a blue, Always a blue - no matter that he plays his club football in Manchester.

He's Everton's gift to English football, let's be clear about that. Though of course if he gets sent off for fighting (probably with Jens Lehmann in the second round against Germany) or crocks himself in a reckless challenge with England already 5-0 up against Trinidad and Tobago, he's a dirty Manc and should never have taken the place of that nice Jermain Defoe.

Three hours to go to the big k.o. Today's World Cup bet: I've got £2.50 says Germany will beat Costa Rica by three goals (4-1). As insurance I've got the same amount says Costa Rica will win by one goal (16-1). As the big fella Ballack has been causing ructions in the German camp it could go either way...

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