06 June 2006

Very happy to report that Liverpool Theatres are having me up for a week in July to work on The May Queen. Just heard yesterday, since when I've been looking at the play, trying to get reacquainted. Since I last looked at it, in prep for a meeting in Liverpool, I've worked on a succession of short things and so it's suddenly quite daunting having to deal with 180 pages. By contrast, Porno Girl is 11 pages (Times New Roman 12 pt double spaced).

Re the miniature, Lucy Skilbeck is directing, and she's cast Zehra Naqvi as the lead (Charlotte, aka Porno Girl). ZN was leading lady in the second cast of the Lloyd-Webber Bollywood thingo, Bombay Dreams. Oliver Senton is playing her husband Richard and Tunde Makinde is playing Rodman. The play is an adaptation of the brilliant, touching, barking story The Porno Girl by Merin Wexler. It's the title story in her collection and you can buy it from Amazon here, like what I did. Or at the online bookshop of your choice. I met Merin at college when she was a Harvard classics graduate over here on a scholarship. Among many kindnesses she drove me and a couple of friends in her rusted 2CV to Stratford to see Deborah Warner's production of Titus Andronicus. It was twenty years ago but I still remember the sound of the dismembered hand hitting the bottom of the steel bucket.

Reviews of Market Boy start coming out tomorrow. I'm nervous for it, have everything crossed for it. Best of British, DE.


Anonymous said...

Mart Boy reviews are great so far with the exception of an almost parodically vicious job by the truly egregious Quentin Letts in The Mail.

sbs said...

Very pleasing, isn't it. Haven't seen QL's comments (are they online anywhere?) but I'm guessing David E and Rufus N wdve been amused if he'd liked it, more than pleased.