25 August 2006

I've only just noticed, sluggard that I am, that Nicholas Wright has done a new version of Therese Raquin for the NT, from Zola's dramatisation of his own heartstoppingly cruel novel. Can I wait?

Reminds me, haven't been to Exiles yet. I've been busy but also some of the cringe-making reviews ('deadly' - Kate Bassett) have rung truer than the kind ones ('neglected landmark of modern theatre' - Billington). But best go, and hope the kindly ones are right after all. Don't yet want to let go the idea that the young Joyce could have mastered the Ibsenian stage play before moving on to the small matter of Ulysses. But might have to.

Worth recording a link here to Philip Hensher's piece on novelists and playwrights, rightly lauded by Encore.

Still feeling lousy, but Spike has his noisy friend Isobel over for the duration today so I'm at the library, thinking about The May Queen. And blogging, obviously.

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